Wisconsin Cows

Shown below are some of the country's best-of-the-best from Wisconsin. Among them are prize winners in elite Jersey shows and production contests and cows that have made an impact on breed genetics through their progeny.


Krohlow Comerica Anna
Reserve National Grand Champion, 2021
Owner: Peter Vail and Budjon Farms, Lomira


Meadowridge Triple Crown Fae
Reserve Junior National Grand Champion, 2021
Owner: Alleah Anderson, Cumberland


Edgelea Tequila Sheraton
National Grand Champion, 2019
Supreme Champion North American International Livestock Exposition, 2019
Owner: Budjon Farms, Peter Vail and David Jordan, Lomira


Musqie Iatola Martha-ET
4-03 305 24,590 4.5% 1,108 3.5% 855
Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo, 2016 and 2017
Owner: Milk Source Genetics, Kaukauna


Norse Star Hallmark Bootie
3-0 365 3x 39,239 7.2% 2,827 3.8% 1,500
Former World Fat Champion
Owner: Jeana Marie Fremstad, Westby

Bootie became World Fat Champion in 2007 and held the title until 2020.


K&K Impact Olga
5-0 365 52,080 3.8% 1,964 3.4% 1,788
Owner: Jason Luttrop, Berlin (right)
Breeder: K&K Jerseys

Olga is just one of two cows in Jersey history to produce a record over 50,000M. Read more...


GB Jade Diva of Woodmohr
235,540M, 14,800F, 8,69P in 3,989 days
Owner: Woodmohr Jerseys, Bloomer

Jade Diva placed second for fat and 10th for protein in the 2019 AJCA Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest. Her full sister, Woodmohr Jade Lady Diva-ET, Excellent-94%, also placed in the contest with 198,564M, 11,799F and 7,251P in 3,190 days.


Ahlem B John Princess 3183-ET
279,122M, 12,537F and 9,287P in 3,035 days
Owner: Gerald Laufenberg, Mount Horeb

Princess placed third for milk, fifth for fat and eighth for protein in the 2014 AJCA Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest. Her progeny have also ranked on the top genetic lists for many years.


D&E Paramount Violet
5-2 305 3x 27,600 4.2% 1,167 3.5% 953
Owner: David Allen, Reedsburg

Violet's descendants have ranked among the breed's top genetic females and males for many years. She placed 10th (tie) in the 2015 Jersey Journal Great Cow Contest.


Milk-n-More Tequila Naomi
4-11 305 3x 28,490 4.1% 1,174 3.3% 931
6-04 305 3x 28,560 4.2% 1,208 3.2% 910
Owner: Kaila and Colin Wussow, Cecil

Naomi was named Wisconsin Cow of the Year in 2019.